These links are supplied in the hope that they may prove useful. The Society is not directly associated with any of these sites, and does not receive any gratuity from any parties involved with the sites given. The links merely reflect places that our members have found useful, or interesting. As our members have a variety of interests, these links are also varied and are not just about Marquetry. Links will open in a new window.

Australian Links

The Marquetry Guild of NSW Chester Hill NSW
Gunns Veneers Supplier of Tasmanian veneers. Supplies craft packs.
Australian Premier Veneers An extensive range of veneers, including scarce Tiger Myrtle and Blackheart Sassafras
Caroll's Woodcraft Supplies A variety of Craft Supplies
Drysdale, Victoria
Woodworking Machinery Specialists (WMS) Woodworking machinery, and accessories
Woodworking Australia Woodworking supplies
CARBA-TEC Woodworking Tools, and accessories
George Fethers & Co Veneers
Professional Woodpeckers Supplies Woodworking supplies, including marvelous marking out rulers.


International Links

Jan Walker Jan Walker is a Canadian Marqueterian, who has
produced an excellent DVD that teaches Marquetry from a beginners perspective.
The Marquetry Society The Marquetry Society of the UK
The Marquetry Society of Canada  
American Marquetry Society