To make a marquetry picture, the marqueteur chooses from an extensive selection of veneers from different types of timbers. This not only gives a pallet of colours and shades, it also supplies a vast range of patterns and grains. In fact a single tree log will produce veneers of differing appearance, depending on the method used to slice them from the log.

A small selection of the large number of veneers available for Marquetry, are shown below.

Tasmanian Veneers

blackheart sassafras blackwood celery top pine huon pine
myrtle figured myrtle wh cluster burl tasmanian oak crown cut tasmanian oak feature
tasmanian oak fiddleback tasmanian oak qtr cut    

Other Veneers

amboyna burl amboyna quilt amburana cerejeria andiroba mottled
ash angelstep ash birdseye ash burl french ash japanese tamo peanut
ash olive burl aspen figured avodire curly avodire mottled
beech european birch european masur birch ice curl boxwood
bubinga quilt bubinga cedar of lebanon cherry pommele