The Marquetry Society of Victoria was founded in July 1977, by a nucleus of four members of the Marquetry Society of Great Britain, and three others. A non profit organisation, it's aim is to promote interest in the art/craft of marquetry. To this end, the Society runs workshops and demonstrations at selected craft functions and exhibitions.

The society is fortunate in having a number of experienced members within its ranks. Virtually all are self taught, although many have since become skilled practitioners following classes. Our members are always happy to discuss any aspect of marquetry.

Our members interests are not limited to pictorial marquetry, and several combine Marquetry with their other woodworking skills such as boxmaking and furniture making, and have produced some fine examples of applied marquetry. Other wood crafting skills are also enjoyed by several of our members, such as fine scrollwork and wood carving. With such a diverse range of wood crafting skills in the Society, help and advice is readily available for a range of wood crafts.

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Proudly Australian


The marquetry society of Victoria is proud to be associated with the gentle art of marquetry in Australia. Of all the wood crafts, or arts, Marquetry has, perhaps, the least requirements for tools, and can be persued with the most basic of equipment.